Without A Die

If you’ve seen me; you’re literally die-d! Haha.

Most interesting stuff.

Isn’t it great to be a product of 13.8 billion year old universe?

  • Ingredients of Research

    Doing research is not an easy thing. When we are trying to find something important, it is necessary to understand our journey. An interesting way to think of research is in terms of journey. We must understand “how” we are going; rather than “where” we are going. Because, research always means to find out about […]

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  • Finding The “Right” Criterion

    In the perfect world, we find ourselves dwelled into the mystifying self doubts. We do all the things that are morally questionable, questionable as a humans and other nonsense stuff. This leads us to thinking of improving ourselves. And of course, this is obvious and nothing un-earthly. Generally, we start thinking after we stop being […]

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  • Looking Back For Future of Social Science

    Let me first talk about physics. Physics is a hardcore natural science subject and I love it. At the beginning of natural sciences, Aristotle said things that were mostly wrong. I mean, he was a good fellow, but still what he said was mostly wrong. Then Galileo, Kepler, Descartes, and Newton fixed things up. They […]

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  • As You Wish & As You Like It

    What do you think study is anyway? Anyway. What does it mean to say, “I am really not interested in understanding? I just don’t wish to do it.” as the above picture clearly depicts. It means your will to do basically anything is consistent but incomplete, there is a mismatch between what/ who is in […]

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